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University & Reasearch Innovations

As a pioneer of AI for Science (AI4Sci), DP Technology has crafted a total solution for education and research. Our offerings span the full spectrum of "teaching, learning, research and deployment" designed to address the prevailing challenges in each area. Through our unique domain knowhow, DP Technology is committed to delivering strong support to research organisations worldwide.

Bohrium-Workspace Teaching and Training Platform:

  • - A vast collection of well-documented, executable Notebooks offering a dynamic learning experience with integrated image environments and data, enabling one-click execution.
  • - An LLM-powered assistant trained on proprietarily curated literature databases, providing functionalities like code interpretation, error explanation, and full-text translation.
  • - An advanced computate resource system, designed for efficient real-time allocation of extensive computing resources to accommodate bursting demand.

DP Technology Atombeat, by laying the groundwork for AI4Sci, has greatly enhanced the end-to-end R&D process, setting a groundbreaking new paradigm.

  • - Uni-Finder, our multi-modal large scientific literature model, dramatically cuts down the time required for literature searches and patent review.
  • - The Bohrium Workspace comes pre-loaded with a variety of sophisticated AI4Sci algorithms and tools such as DeePMD, ABACUS, DP-Gen, Uni-Mol, and Uni-Dock, etc.

AI4S Cup Competition Series: Enhancing Skills through Competitive Application-Focused Learning

  • - Cultivate meaningful partnerships among leading universities, corporations, and research bodies, streamlining the transformation of academic breakthroughs into practical applications.
  • - Seamlessly connect academic research and education with industrial requirements, fostering mutually beneficial outcomes for all parties involved.

Bohirum Apps-AppStore for Scientific Computing tools. It allows developers to engage with end users, gathering feedback to consistently iterate the products.

  • - Interactive developer and user interfaces.
  • - Fast product iterations (~weeks) and deployment.
  • - Comprehensive admin capabilities include task management, user managerment, data management, secure commercial payment systems, and sophiscated result visualization.